Jones + Jones Review

Jones + Jones Review

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Last month the lovely ladies at Make Believe Beauty sent over a hamper of fabulous self tans for us to try at Jones and Jones and if this isn’t love then hell, I don’t know what is. I will be giving you a run down of the individual products, who I think they are best for and how they performed! But as an entire collection I must say I sure was impressed,. Going to bed looking like English weather in female form, and waking up feeling like I’d jet set to some Mediterranean destination, unfortunately, I hadn’t, but I looked it so thumbs up for that.

Self Tan Mist:
I’ll start with my ultimate tan from the brand, the self tan mist. If you are a tanaholic like me this is the tan for you. The darkest tan in the collection the self tan mist applies in a spray format that can then be rubbed in with the make believe mit. What I tend to do is use one side of the mit to rub the majority of the product in and then with the dryer side buff it into my skin. The mit is lined with a nice thick material ensuring know streaky fingers or looking like you’ve sunbathed with biker gloves on (sexy, I know). Back to the tan, although this tan is gorgeously dark it has green undertones which means, bye, bye orange and hello holiday skin! The green counteracts the orange tones and leaves you flawlessly golden. Also thumbs up for the fact these tans don’t flake off!

Self Tan Lotion:
The self tan lotion is my substitute now for Johnsons Holiday Skin, only it smells a trillion times better! It’s a moisturizer that tans gradually over time. I love these kind of tans as they are so effortless, you don’t have that horrible panic before the weekend when you remember you haven’t tanned and 3 hours is not enough time to let anything develop , simply apply each day as you would normal moisturizers; after you shower or simply when you’re feeling dry! It will leave you deliciously smooth, no patches, no hassle. Although it’s not as dark as the mist it gives you that just got home from holiday glow that every girl lusts for, and smells like sun tan lotion!! (holiday in a bottle).

Gradual Tan Lotion:
The gradual tan lotion is I would say a combination of both the mist and the lotion best for those who want a quicker tan but prefer to use a lotion, which a lot of people do as it’s something they are familiar with. This tan is perfect for first time tanner who aren’t sure how dark they want to go as the tan can be intensified by adding layers each day you can judge your darkness and decide whether you need more. Perfect for indecisive people like me!

So overall I really enjoyed trying and playing around with this new brand of self tan, I believe it combines all the great tans in the industry and culminates in a high quality, fab smelling bundle of tanning goodness!

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