Mascara & Maltesers Review

Mascara & Maltesers Review

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This is the first tan I’ve tried that comes in stages, well zones to be correct. Each describing the level of tan, and something more fake tans could take note of. Would save many fake tan disasters I am sure, and makes fake tan simple, which it should be. This self tan lotion is zone 4, described as a ‘Summer in Europe’ glow, which for the name alone I won’t be turning down. Again, not entirely sure the ‘with bronzer’ part means as I would of presumed tan would include this already, but anything that promises to give me a tan I’ll take.

Don’t be alarmed at the deep colour of this, which I was, as once this creamy lotion was applied the colour settled down nicely, and least I could see where I was actually applying it. Surprisingly this fresh and fruity smelling tan only had to be left on for our hours before I could wash it off, ideal for someone, like me, with practically no patience to wait the typical 8 hours for a tan to develop. What I was left with after 4 hours was such a gorgeous bronzed colour that looks natural on my very pale skin. No orange undertones, and so far, after a week of using this I am still fully bronzed up. Whatever part the ‘with bronzer’ element played I am more than happy with the £18 tube. Nosey neighbour, thank you.

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